Great Room & Activity Center

The central great room, complimented by a large stone fireplace, is designed to accommodate group functions, as well as individual area for teaching. The teaching emphasis will be language, communication and vocational training. Music therapy with a concert piano will be a center of activity.


Facilities are planned for a permanent onsight animal caretaker.

Valley Views

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The great room and the casitas, where comfort becomes paramount, will be surrounded by courtyards for play and relaxation.


Individual casitas for housing provide a place for peace and relaxation.Each casita will have two bedrooms and a setting room with a beehive fireplace. The casitas will also have a covered deck loft in the tradition of the old west.

Central Courtyard

The Central Courtyard provides a focal point of activities and play.

Water Tower

An old-fashioned on-site water tower provides charm and atmosphere.