Riding/Walking Trails

Riding and walking trail will twist and turn throughout the 40 acre site, providing ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Riding trails of all levels of difficulty permit all experience levels to enjoy the land from atop the saddle, just as those in the old west did.

Valley Views

A beautiful view of the valley that lies to the north emphasis the rise of Gun-sight Pass. A westward view of the valley provides a great sunset view.


A working/teaching corral will bring the beauty of human and animal interaction together and allow ranch citizens to get up close with the horses and learn to ride.


A large open range will provide plenty of space for the horses, a priority of the ranch. For the more experience riders, the range will provide the chance to assist in the exercising of the horses.


Stables and barns help the autistic touch nature & learn about life and caring. The stables will provide the primary living quarters for numerous horses and ponies stabled on the ranch.

Animal Caretaker

Facilities are planned for a permanent on-site animal caretaker to oversee all equestrian activities.